Sunday, 3 February 2013


This is one of the first nudist series I found on the internet. Probably around 1999 when I started snoopying around, and it stayed on my mind ever since. Here in Peru naturism is almost non-existent and I wasn't aware of naturism worldwide until I saw it on these photographs. Watching teen boys and girls nude, together just like that.. was incredible.

Luckily I had the chance to practice it on one of my trips north of Peru and it was a great feeling to swim naked in the sea. But besides my boyfriend, no one else was around.

By the way, does anyone know if it's ok to post naturist pics like these on a blog like mine? Although I post a great deal of erotic/sometimes pornish pics, it's the beauty of the male body that interests me, from a ... desexualized point of view. 


  1. Soy bisexual. Adoro esos chicos desnudos y esas chicas. Hay vida en ellos, en esas fotos. Hay dulzura incluso. Porque estan ahi en una tarde, hablando, jugando y no hay sexo. Solo el sol y el agua. Y es una celebracion de la vida. Mas alla de los chicos, hermosos, y las chicas.

    Cuando me desnudo en una playa nudista o enlos lugares nudistas de argentina, dejo de pensar en mi cuerpo. Y me siento libre de las ataduras convencionales. Nada mejor que el nudismo para no pensar mas en uno.

    En orgias swingers, o en orgias bisexuales, o cenas nudistas privadas, esta ese sentido de los primitivo, antes del sexoy despues de el. Donde "estas", "asi"....Sin mas. Donde te aceptas como sos. Y ahi te aceptan.

    Esta PERFECTO que tu blog publique estas fotos. El hombre bisex es mas sexual al lado de una chica.

  2. Me encanto la naturalidad en la foto besos desde argentina

  3. Gracias por los comentarios! Es esa "vida" de la que hablas, Fabian, que me atrae tanto. Es una manera de "sincerarse" ante los demás. Grandes o chicos, pobres o ricos, en ese momento nada importan las pretensiones ni las caretas.

  4. Absolutamente de acuerdo Fabian. Las personas deberiamos recuperar el sentido de "ser y estar", librandonos del sexo primitivo y recuperando la sexualidad como fuente de energia vital y no solo para liberar las hormonas reprimidas x este mundo absurdo que nos construimos

  5. What's amazing is the angelic, innocent faces of these, albeit older, "kids". Most kids that age get all stressed out about how they'll look in a bathing suit, but these teenagers are obviously neither ashamed or overstimulated to mix fully unclothed with the opposite sex. I don't know how I in my adolescence could have walked around naked, let alone jumped around on a volleyball court, feeling my penis jiggling and hitting my legs while the other team's girls' breasts bounced around across from me The boy with the puka shell necklace doesn't look he's reached the stage of having to shave everyday but when he's leaning back against the sail boat, you can tell he hasn't been in the water; his penis is huge. And those girls still have a child like innocence about them, but their breasts are as full and firm as adults'.

    1. Well put! They are amazing!!

  6. I love teenage boy dick. I started sucking it when I was in 7th grade.

  7. They are both marvellously unselfconscious of their beautifully well developed bodies espicially the pubic hair above their penisis.